Guiding Organizational Change

We are emerging from a long period of disruption and uncertainty, but even in recovery there are challenges ahead. Rethinking operating models and business strategies could result in changes to your workforce – in size, structure or both.

Organizational change is not one size fits all. Whatever transition or restructuring your organization faces, it will require deft communications, founded on empathy, transparency and consistency.

Communication is not done in isolation. You’ll need to deal with the office grapevine, rumours and perceptions of who wins and loses in a change scenario. People keep score.

Look Inside

Our success stems from our determination to understand the motivation driving behaviour – yours and your audience’s. We go below the surface to discover the emotional and rational drivers at play in any situation.

We call this process “Look Inside” and it is at the heart of our business. We delve into the emotional drivers and barriers that motivate behavior, ensuring that transition strategies lead with empathy, recognize and shape internal culture, and overcome resistance to change.

Our Work


What Sets Us Apart

Enterprise has deep experience and expertise in internal communications and employee engagement, including mergers and acquisitions, leadership transitions, layoffs, new brand and strategy direction, physical office / workplace transitions, and reputation management.

Our campaign mindset allows for a 360-degree approach to transition that ensures we counter fear of the unknown and inspire comfort with change internally, provide support on all fronts when your internal change has external implications, and mitigate issues before they become crises.

Our Team

Over two decades, Barbara has successfully led the Enterprise team through massive changes in technology and traditional approaches to our business. As a result, Enterprise has emerged as a firm with a unique combination of experience, expertise and capabilities to help clients achieve their goals in a constantly changing world.

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Margaret Martin

Vice President, General Manager

Margaret is our project management ace, which is why she’s been a part of so many of our campaigns. She knows planning properly, communicating clearly, and managing people well are key to getting things done right—on time and on budget.

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Dave Sieger


Over more than 20 years at Enterprise, he’s helped organizations as diverse as the stories he filed as a journalist: companies, ministries, hospitals, trade unions, and industry associations.

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Our Services


  • Narrative & messaging
  • Story development
  • Editorial planning
  • Product placement
  • Content creation


  • Intelligence gathering
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Lobby days
  • Policy analysis
  • Contact plans


  • Video production
  • Website development, UX
  • Multimedia design
  • Branding
  • Copywriting


  • Identification & outreach
  • klear influencer software
  • Content planning
  • Contract negotiation
  • Advertising integration


  • Positioning & value proposition
  • Core narrative & key messaging
  • Visual identities
  • Audience mapping
  • Strategy execution

Digital Campaigns

  • Micro-targeting
  • Advocacy & mobilization
  • Email marketing & activation
  • Website development
  • Social media management


  • Message development
  • Interview techniques
  • On-camera simulation
  • Presentation training
  • Spokesperson 101

Issues & Crisis

  • Strategic counsel
  • Campaign war rooms
  • Monitoring & analysis
  • Crisis simulations
  • Digital & advertising


  • Planning & logistics
  • Marketing & media relations
  • Branding, design & video
  • Results tracking
  • Sponsorship


  • Paid social & digital display
  • TV & broadcast
  • Sponsored content
  • AccuMessage targeting
  • Out-of-home

Public & Stakeholder

  • Facilitated sessions
  • Public Information Centres
  • On-line consultation processes
  • In-depth interviews
  • Report writing


  • Internal communications
  • Employer brand
  • Corporate reputation
  • Executive profile
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

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