Our team of strategists, consultants and content creators come from inside politics, government, business and media. We are the people you want to be in the trenches with.

Al-Nashir Jamal

Al-Nashir Jamal Learn more

Member, Advisory Board

Alan Mohan

Alan Mohan Learn more

Finance Officer

Betsy Hilton

Betsy Hilton Learn more

Corporate Communications and Client Strategy Lead

Brittany Ditizio

Brittany Ditizio Learn more

Communications Coordinator

David de Launay

David de Launay Learn more

Chair of Advisory Board

David Tarrant

David Tarrant Learn more

Vice President, National Strategic Communications

Dennis Matthews

Dennis Matthews Learn more

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Dylan Kocsis

Dylan Kocsis Learn more

Public Affairs and Digital Coordinator

Erika Barootes

Erika Barootes Learn more

Vice President, Western Canada

Errol Chapman

Errol Chapman Learn more

Chief Financial Officer

Gemma Mastroianni

Gemma Mastroianni Learn more

Digital Strategist

Jamey Heath

Jamey Heath Learn more

Senior Consultant

Jeff Blay

Jeff Blay Learn more

Creative Director

Jonathan Sampson

Jonathan Sampson Learn more

Senior Consultant, Public Affairs and Communication

Kaley Stewart

Kaley Stewart Learn more

Media Relations Coordinator

Kalvin Reid

Kalvin Reid Learn more

Senior Consultant

Katie Heelis

Katie Heelis Learn more

Health Practice Lead

Margaret Martin

Margaret Martin Learn more

Vice President, General Manager

Marilia Nunes

Marilia Nunes Learn more

Executive Assistant

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly Learn more

Video Director

Merv McLeod

Merv McLeod Learn more

Indigenous Affairs

Michelle Hann

Michelle Hann Learn more

Digital and Communications Consultant

Nancy Wood

Nancy Wood Learn more

Indigenous Affairs

Natalia Ysambert

Natalia Ysambert Learn more

Corporate Communications Intern

Peter Csillag

Peter Csillag Learn more

Director, Public Affairs and Campaigns

Peter Downs

Peter Downs Learn more

Senior Consultant

Peter Landry

Peter Landry Learn more

Managing Principal

Phil Gillies

Phil Gillies Learn more

Senior Public Affairs Specialist and Municipal Practice Lead

Sarah Del Giallo

Sarah Del Giallo Learn more

Senior Consultant, Corporate Affairs & Communications

Semhar Tekeste

Semhar Tekeste Learn more

Senior Public Affairs Consultant

Stephen Murdoch

Stephen Murdoch Learn more

Vice President, Public Relations

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