Steven McLelan

Vice President, Western Canada

Look Inside

Steven joins Enterprise after leading the United Conservative Party Caucus Research and Policy team following the government’s successful election in 2019. His vantage point of Alberta politics and the provincial government can only be seen by a few as he supervised and provided policy advice and support to the 63 government Caucus members. But he is no stranger to politics, policy, or problem solving; prior to moving to Alberta, he graduated from University of Victoria and developed his robust research skills and understanding of the political landscape by conducting opposition research for the BC Liberal Caucus. He applied these skills to the nomination vetting process for United Conservative Party contestants prior to the 2018 Alberta by-election and 2019 general election. Steven is Enterprise’s go-to when we need a comprehensive briefing on what works, what doesn’t, what is the best solution for our clients, and why.

Inside Experience

  • Director of UCP Government Caucus Research and Policy following the 2019 provincial election
  • Research Officer for the BC Liberal Caucus under Christy Clark’s Government
  • Opposition research experience for the United Conservative Party and BC Liberal Party

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