Enterprise Canada formally launches EnterpriseHealth, a national strategic health-care practice

Enterprise Canada is proud to formally launch EnterpriseHealth, a national health-care practice led by Vice President Katie Heelis. 

“I’m honoured to launch and lead EnterpriseHealth, your one-stop shop for everything health,” said Katie Heelis, Vice President, EnterpriseHealth. “This dedicated practice supported by a team of health experts recognizes and builds on Enterprise Canada’s proven track record in helping some of Canada’s leading and largest health organizations achieve their goals.” 

The EnterpriseHealth team is made up of health experts from across Canada, with deep experience in the sector and in health care at all levels of government and the media. 

“Over the past four years, we have built the strongest team of health strategists in the country, with the expertise, skills and perspective to execute the winning strategies and tackle the biggest challenges the system faces, advance solutions and deliver the best possible care to Canadians,’ said Heelis.

What does the future of healthcare look like?

Katie Heelis

We’ve reached a tipping point in our healthcare system in Canada – our healthcare workers are over worked and burnt out, wait lists for services are growing, and as our population ages these challenges will only become more complex. We need solutions – new, innovative and agile solutions. We also need our system working together collaboratively. At EnterpriseHealth we play that convenor role, helping to bring people together, to challenge conventional thinking and outdated practices, to ultimately come up with new solutions for these complex problems.

Carly Ellis

The future of health care is a system with no silos of care. One where acute care, home care, long term care, mental health and addictions and primary care converge to meet the needs of patients. This will take establishing trust, collaboration and clear communication between health system partners and our governments. As strategic thinkers and expert communicators, the team at EnterpriseHealth can support health system leaders progress on this vision of a more integrated system.

Nathan Clark

The pandemic tested Canada’s health care system like never before. What was thought to be a complex, overly bureaucratic system proved to be just that resulting in inadequate focus on patients when they were most in need. Never before has there been such a willingness amongst decision makers to adopt innovative approaches that finally put patients at the heart of Canada’s health system. At EnterpriseHealth, we work with clients to make these dreams a reality ultimately resulting in a stronger, more resilient health system for all Canadians.

Peter Downs

I think a lot about a conversation I had with a senior health care decision-maker. She started her career as a frontline nurse in the ICU and eventually rose to become deputy health minister of her province. Regardless of her role or the tough decisions in front of her, she said she was always guided by what drew her to health care in the first place – doing what’s best for patients. We need more people to follow the same simple rule. The future of health care will be far brighter, the more we focus on how each decision ultimately filters down and impacts the lives of individual patients.

Kevin Den Heijer

The fact that Canada’s healthcare system is in crisis is no longer a point of contention. Now is the time to switch gears and focus on solutions and cooperation. Our governments need to come together, put their differences aside, and challenge conventional thinking with innovative solutions.

Alexandra Hilkene

Canada needs a health care system that works for patients and their families. Over the years, our system has become far too disconnected and difficult to navigate. We need to continue to strive for a more coordinated approach, where health care providers from across the system work together to ensure patients are getting the quality care they deserve. EnterpriseHealth supports health care leaders from across the country challenge the status quo, implement innovative solutions and become part of the solution.

In addition to the core team, EnterpriseHealth leverages the full range of services offered by Enterprise Canada, a leading national strategic communications and public affairs firm, and its sister agency and content studio Creative Currency. 

“I’m incredibly proud of our team and its success under the leadership of Katie Heelis who is recognized as one of Canada’s leading health experts,” Enterprise Canada CEO Barbara Fox said. “This team knows the system, speaks the language, understands the challenges and sees the opportunities. As a dedicated practice with an exclusive focus on health, backed by the full resources of Enterprise Canada and Creative Currency, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their goals.” 

EnterpriseHealth has its own brand under the Enterprise Canada umbrella, representing its unique offering and includes its own website and communication products, from health policy analysis to announcements and updates. 

“We have the best job. We get to work with some of the smartest people in Canada’s health-care system – hospital leaders, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, PSWs, people who have been on the frontlines of health care their entire life,” said Heelis. “Whether we’re creating a compelling narrative to tell their story, developing a winning strategic plan to support them or bringing new innovations and technologies to market, we want to be a part of that important work.” 

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