Zubin Sanyal

Senior Strategist, Digital

Look Inside

Zubin’s all about getting to know you. Not you personally, necessarily. But definitely the online you because the internet is all about getting to know the people in your corner. And that’s something he’s pretty good at if we don’t say so ourselves. Before joining Enterprise, Zubin managed digital advertising and fundraising campaigns for political parties, including managing advertising assets for federal Liberal candidates during the 2015 election. He’s even worked with a national progressive party in Europe to build their email and voter ID functions—from the ground up.

He’s also a youth mentor and Tetris grandmaster when he’s not head-down in a campaign.

Inside Experience

  • Ran successful opinion and fundraising campaigns online that raised millions for clients in the political and not-for-profit fields
  • Managed advertising assets for Liberal candidates during the 2015 federal election
  • Co-founded and ran the small dollar donor program for the Ontario Liberals and managed their email and digital advertising strategy in 2018
  • Joint honours degree in political science and public policy from the University of Ottawa

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