Semhar Tekeste

Senior Public Affairs Consultant

Look Inside

Navigating the complex dynamics of creating policy and stakeholder expectations isn’t easy. Fortunately for our clients, Semhar has the skillset and experience to chart the right course and deliver a win.

Over her years as a team leader and skilled people manager, she’s shown she knows her way through the often-sensitive world of political engagement on both sides of the aisle. Working to build consensus in public while creating behind-the-scenes structures essential to success. Here at Enterprise, she focuses on strategic advice at every stage in developing policy—from an idea’s genesis to the law that makes it real receiving Royal Assent.

Inside Experience

  • Advised multiple cabinet ministers at the federal level, including Gordon O’Connor, Shelly Glover, and Greg Rickford.
  • Did her time in the election campaign trenches, including working in the Conservative war room during the 2015 federal election.
  • Led stakeholder outreach strategy for Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Official Opposition

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