Peter Csillag

Director, Public Affairs and Campaigns

Look Inside

Few people have had a better vantage point as Jason Kenney moved from federal politics to the premier’s office than Peter. In Ottawa, he worked with Kenney in three different ministries. And in Alberta, he headed issues management while Kenney was in opposition and worked in the UCP war room for its winning campaign. He’s managed issues and worked in government advertising, where he’s put his knack for getting to the heart of policy questions and how to communicate them effectively to work. We couldn’t be happier he’s part of our growing Western practice.

Inside Experience

  • Director of issues management for the UCP opposition and rapid response advisor during the 2019 Alberta election.
  • Federal ministerial experience, including National Defence and Citizenship & Immigration
  • Senior communications advisor for the BC Liberal caucus
  • Graduate of the University of Calgary with a diploma in PR from the University of Victoria, and a Masters in Public Policy and Management from the U.K.’s University of York

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