Mark Kelly

Video Director

Look Inside

We’re proud of our in-house video production capacity. It’s a terrific tool to keep messages and looks consistent across media. But terrific tools need terrific people. So meet Mark, who brings more than a decade’s worth of in-house and agency video production to our shop. From promoting a polytechnical college to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to bleach to cars, he’s done it all. And he really does do it all, too—planning, directing, cinematography, editing, and motion design. All with an eye to creating engaging content to capture attention.

Inside Experience

  • Senior producer for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton
  • Producer of multimedia content for the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’
  • Video producer and coordinator for the Television Bureau of Canada
  • Certificate in digital media and graphics from MacEwan University in Edmonton
  • Diploma in broadcast television from Seneca College in Toronto

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