Lloyd Girman


Look Inside

For more than three decades, Lloyd has worked in the public and private sectors. From energy to highways, and diamonds to construction, he’s handled all sorts of files—in all sorts of places.

And what’s become clear—and why we’re such a fan—is that this diversity of experience has given him a unique ability to bring people together and find win-win solutions. That’s particularly as Indigenous people become more involved in energy, mining, and resource projects, a field Lloyd knows intimately.

He lives in Winnipeg with his wife, Lea Girman.

Inside Experience

  • Extensive experience in the Manitoba government, including deputy minister of Northern Affairs and secretary to the Aboriginal Affairs committee of cabinet
  • Involved in projects as diverse as the Diavik diamond mine; the Moose River Basin hydro development agreement; the Mattagami River hydro development agreement; and the purchase of Highway 407 in Ontario
  • Partner in the launch of a renewable energy company in Africa

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