Kevin Den Heijer

Consultant, EnterpriseHealth

Federal Politics, Policy Development, Crisis Communications, Public Safety and Health Promotion

Kevin Den Heijer is a seasoned strategist with a keen understanding of Canadian health policy, and a deep insight into the inner workings of government.

Kevin has served key federal cabinet ministers, most recently as a policy advisor to Canada’s Minister of Health where he worked on the country’s COVID-19 vaccine strategy, illicit substances strategy, and the opioid crisis. Prior to moving to Ottawa, Kevin served as issues and operations advisor to several cabinet ministers in the provincial government in Ontario. He has extensive war room experience on political campaigns both provincially and federally, most recently serving as the Liberal Party of Canada’s lead on digital partnerships during the 2021 election campaign.

At EnterpriseHealth Kevin combines his experience in navigating through some of the toughest of issues with his broad professional network in Ottawa to ensure that our clients succeed when it’s needed most. Kevin is a valued strategist for our clients across the sector – ranging from mental health and addictions care to primary care and health care procurement and supply chains.

Kevin graduated from the University of Ottawa, having studied political science and communications. Kevin is an avid photographer and dedicates time volunteering on many political campaigns across the country.