Katie Boothby-Kung

Director, Sustainability

Look Inside

In her role, she helps companies develop sustainability and ESG strategies, create communications and government relations campaigns, and help businesses build and execute on climate-focused roadmaps. Specifically, Katie works directly with clients who are endeavouring to decarbonize their business and meet ambitious environmental targets.

Working with clients across industry sectors, Katie pairs her keen sustainability and ESG expertise with impactful and data-driven strategies to chart new pathways to success for her clients.

Prior to joining the team at Enterprise, Katie was the Head of Social Entrepreneurship at Shopify. In this role she developed an environment for purpose driven companies to launch and thrive on Shopify around the world through education development, technology solutions and partnerships.

Before Shopify, Katie worked for Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his Advance team, supporting operations and communications. In her roles with the Minister of Labour and Finance, Katie advised on communications and policy files, notably working on two federal budgets and workplace mental health legislation.

Inside Experience

  • Led the Social Entrepreneurship team at Shopify, delivering education and resources to scale social enterprise around the world
  • Worked on Prime Minister Harper’s advance team advising on communications and logistics
  • Worked for multiple federal Ministers in areas such as issues management, communications and policy
  • Runs a podcast on all things sustainability and business, Talking Purpose

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