Kalvin Reid

Director, Public Relations

Look Inside

Don’t take our word for it that Kalvin knows the news. Over his years as a reporter, he earned six Ontario Newspaper Award nominations—and won twice. And now, he puts his way with the written word and grasp of today’s media landscape to work to help get our clients’ message into traditional and digital media alike. He also helps people prepare for media interviews and writes engaging content, from speeches to reports and everything in between.

Inside Experience

  • Editorial page editor of the St. Catharines Standard for five years.
  • Nine years’ experience as a reporter in Brantford, Simcoe, and St. Catharines, specializing in political coverage at all levels.
  • Covered every federal, provincial, and municipal election between 1997 and 2011—that’s 12 elections.
  • Political commentator in Niagara region media.

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