Jessica Paul

Web Developer

Look Inside

Jessica came to Canada when she was 10. That’s not an easy age to fit into a new culture right away, and lovely though she is, it was hard making friends at first. But her brother was all into computers and soon, so was Jessica—creating a whole new world for herself from code. She’s also an artist. There’s much in common between painting something from scratch and coding something from scratch. There’s one big difference, too: coding has functionality.

As she grew older and entered the workforce, she’s made a career out of making things with function. Also, things that look good thanks to her training as a graphic designer. She’s built things from custom applications she builds for companies and institutions to websites she creates for everyone from a security firm to musicians to real estate agents. Now she’s building things with us, and we know our clients will think that’s great news indeed.

Inside Experience

  • Honours diploma in web application development from Trios College in Toronto.
  • Diploma in design and merchandising from Seneca College in Toronto.
  • Specialization in building custom web applications and working with content management system (CMS) platforms.
  • Experience as a front-end developer and designer for a wide range of business clients.

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