David Tarrant

Vice President, National Strategic Communications

Look Inside

When someone needs to distill what they need down to a clear, simple idea, they need David. Before joining us, his strong strategic chops and campaign skills were put to use in a prime minister’s office, two premiers’ offices, and a major bank. He’s written election platforms and keynote speeches. He’s handled branding for corporations and governments. He’s managed cross-border communications for both Canadian and American audiences. And he’s worked detailed files, too. Everything from a provincial budget to anti-money laundering initiatives.

Throughout, he’s made messages clearer. Campaigns more focused. And helped issues become more relevant to more people. When companies or institutions face complicated communications questions, there’s few better than David to help them win.

Inside Experience

  • Executive director of strategic communications in Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s office, and co-author of the 2018 Ontario PC election platform
  • Director of strategic communications for BMO Financial Group, involved in CEO communication and an enterprise-wide rebranding
  • Communications strategist in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office responsible for event scripting and collateral
  • Senior speechwriter to Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm

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