Allie Lee

Director, Public Affairs

Look Inside

Allie is an Enterprise Canada and Creative Currency two-way player, with a keen understanding of the intersection of public opinion, government decision making, and the communication strategies that help win the day. A communicator by trade, Allie pairs her keen political eye and recent experience in politics with impactful and creative data-driven communication strategies to chart new pathways to success for her clients.

Before joining Enterprise, Allie was a key member of the federal Liberal government’s communications team, gaining insight on the inner workings of political communication at the highest level. Here she developed a knack for optimizing complex policies to reach a national audience, built bridges between different offices towards a common goal, and lead the development of cutting-edge communications tools to reach an increasingly digital audience.

Inside Experience

  • Former Director of Communications at the Liberal Research Bureau, providing marketing and communications tools to Liberal caucus.
  • Leading role on Digital team at Liberal campaign headquarters in federal election campaigns.
  • Corporate experience in change management and crisis communications.

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