UPDATED: Statement from Enterprise Canada on comments from today’s Emergencies Act Inquiry

TORONTO, ON – Today, in the scope of the Emergencies Act Inquiry, Brendan Miller, the lawyer representing “Freedom Corp” made an entirely unsubstantiated and deeply offensive accusation against Enterprise Canada principal Brian Fox.

For the record, there is no truth to this absurd and despicable accusation. Neither Brian Fox, nor anyone from Enterprise Canada was in attendance at the “Freedom Convoy” protests in any capacity. Mr. Fox was in Toronto for the duration of these protests and had no involvement in them.

Mr. Fox and everyone at Enterprise Canada stands firmly against the hatred represented by the symbol Mr. Miller referenced, and strives for our workplace to be an inclusive and accepting environment for everyone.

Both Mr. Fox and Enterprise Canada plan to review all legal options and take swift action to defend against this unsubstantiated attack on the personal and professional reputation of Mr. Fox.


Here are the facts regarding the unfounded accusation against our team member.

Brian Fox has not been in Ottawa since 2019.
Brian Fox has not been involved with the Liberal Party of Canada or ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests in any way.
Please see our legal response.


Watch as Enterprise President Jason Lietaer confronts the unfounded, offensive allegations against a member of our team.

Enterprise will defend our people against the spread of misinformation that causes harm to their personal and public reputations, and their personal safety.

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