Semhar Tekeste

Senior Public Affairs Consultant



A seasoned stakeholder relations professional and expert in the complex dynamics of policy creation, Semhar dedicates her vast skillset towards one goal: Delivering a win for the client.

Her years as a team leader and skilled people manager means Semhar knows how to navigate the often sensitive world of political engagement on both sides of the aisle, working to build consensus in the public arena and create the behind-the-scenes structures that lead to success.

Semhar’s work focuses on strategic advice in developing policy at every stage, from idea generation to Royal Assent, and executing effective government relations campaigns for her clients.


“As a public affairs specialist, I am driven by the desire to solve complex problems and build lasting connections.

I firmly believe that generating a positive decision — whether your audience is a slice of the Canadian public or legislators on Parliament Hill — is about understanding that it starts with emotion. Effective public affairs is about harnessing that emotion with the right strategy and turning it into a win.”


  • Advised multiple cabinet ministers at the federal level, including the Minister of Natural Resources.
  • Worked on multiple political campaigns including as war room operative during the 2015 election.
  • Led Stakeholder Outreach strategy for the Leader of the Official Opposition