Peter Landry

Managing Principal

 647-260-4002  416-818-4024


Peter Landry is one of Canada’s most successful public affairs and government relations specialists. He is a skilled facilitator who has a deep understanding of how government works and how to affect public policy.  Having held senior roles in the civil service and politics, Peter understands how government works on all sides. He oversees Enterprise’s government relations and research arms, using his unique insight to advise clients how public opinion can affect government policy.

Peter won’t golf with you, but would be happy to take you out in his canoe.


“Government relations is no longer about just knowing people at the top. Increasingly, it’s about developing systematic, fact-based campaigns using a full range of tools, including digital and social media. Governments know it’s not just about good ideas, it’s about building consensus and animating the people whose opinions matter to them.

What drives me is using these tools to spearhead groundbreaking changes to government legislation, policy and practices at all levels—even when the odds are stacked against transformation.”


  • Extensive experience working inside government at both political and public service levels.
  • Former Liberal Cabinet Minister’s Chief of Staff.
  • Represented organizations from across economic and social sectors, engaging stakeholders and conducting and analyzing public opinion research as a foundation for successful strategies.
  • Head of Enterprise’s research practice with a special focus on public opinion and how it can impact government policies and practices.