Nancy Wood

Indigenous Affairs

McLeod Wood Associates Inc.


Nancy Wood has been working with First Nations communities for more than two decades, helping to represent their interests while navigating government and business negotiations across Ontario.

With McLeod Wood Associates Inc., Nancy and her team provide innovative management consulting with a specialization in providing business, negotiation, and community engagement services to First Nations, governments and private sector businesses.

Nancy has a fundamental understanding of how governments work, of how First Nations function and of the private sector’s challenges in navigating a complex and evolving landscape. Nancy is able to assist all parties in moving through the complex Aboriginal consultation, accommodation and environmental processes in Canada.

With training in public participation and her extensive business and policy experience, Nancy offers clients workable plans that are built from the ground up, where profits find a balance with environmental and cultural respect — which she believes is integral to the outcome.


“From taking an initial spark of an idea to building a multi-million-dollar enterprise, my goal is to set up a legacy for our clients. My goal is to improve the socio-economic conditions for all of the First Nations communities in Canada, through the development of infrastructure, human resources, businesses and good governance practices. In the end, it’s about the people. I believe that a project is successful when a community sees it as a success.”


  • President and Partner at McLeod Wood Associates Inc. for more than two decades.
  • Extensive experience working inside government at the public service level.
  • Extensive experience working with First Nations across Ontario to build community-owned businesses from the ground up.
  • Masters of Business Administration from Laurentian University.
  • Undergraduate in Management Economics at University of Guelph.
  • Diploma in Mining Technology from Northern College.