Margaret Martin

Vice President, General Manager



Margaret has been on the inside of many Enterprise campaigns. She has a vast range of experience and understands that to achieve the desired outcomes, project management is key. Whether it is creating a product, communicating with stakeholders or managing staff, proper planning from start to finish will most certainly ensure that the task is completed effectively, efficiently, on budget and with a manner of ease – and with that comes success. As Enterprise’s General Manager, she creates the conditions that allow every project at Enterprise to be executed flawlessly.


“With nearly two decades in public affairs at Enterprise there has not been one day where not wanting to come to work has been an option. What gets me going – the creative and supportive group of colleagues that continually challenge me to be better today than I was yesterday.”


  • Managed several government events while at Enterprise including Federal, Provincial and Territorial Minister’s meetings, and the Premier’s Conference on Education.
  • Helped clients work with local communities dealing with concerns, such as the impact on health from low-level radiation contamination in their hometown or the construction of a major highway through their backyard.
  • Director at Margaret’s providing homecare, mental health, justice and community help support for women.
  • Director at Mickiewicz Foundation – providing post-secondary scholarships.
  • Former Special Assistant to the Minister of Municipal Affairs & Housing.
  • Former Special Assistant to the Director, Progressive Conservative Research and Administration.
  • Experience on various political campaigns: campus, nomination, municipal, provincial, and federal.

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