Lloyd Girman



With four decades experience in the public and private sectors, Lloyd has a unique ability to bring together various parties and develop win-win solutions.

A former Deputy Minister of Northern Affairs in the Government of Manitoba, Lloyd has extensive experience in working with Canada’s First Nations and on major projects in energy, mining and resource development.

Lloyd has 35 years of experience in senior public and private sector positions. His strength lies in his uniquely creative ability to relate to and communicate with all interests.

Lloyd lives in Winnipeg with his wife Lea Girman, and has three adult sons.


“We are seeing a whole new dimension emerge on natural resources, First Nations and the economy.

“We have developed a new, workable approach to resource development in Canada that ensures First Nations continue to control their resources and reap long-term benefits, while clearing the way for the sustainable development of Canada’s vast natural wealth.

“It’s tremendously exciting to be at the forefront of this transformation, leading the discussion and bringing people together.”


  • Province of Manitoba in roles including Deputy Minister of Northern Affairs, Secretary to the Aboriginal Affairs Committee of Cabinet, Senior Negotiator on Aboriginal Constitutional Issues, and as Senior Policy Analyst in the Department of Community Services.
  • Canadian Federal Government as Senior Program Officer with the Secretary of State and the Department of Health and Welfare.
  • Partnered in the development and launch of Liberian energy company Buchanan Renewables Fuel, Inc.
  • Involvement in transactions such as the Diavik diamond mine; the Moose River Basin hydro development agreement; the Mattagami River hydro development agreement; the Five Nations Energy transmission line; the purchase of the TransAlta transmission system in Alberta; the purchase of Highway 407 in Ontario; the purchase of the NEPCO Energy Group (a subsidiary of Enron Energy); and project analysis and assessments around the world.
  • Former Executive Vice President with the West Group of Companies, a trading and construction group based in Eastern Europe, and became a partner in West Management, a project management group.