Katie Heelis

Public Affairs Consultant



A skilled policy innovator, experienced political strategist, and talented issues manager, Katie’s work focuses on building relationships with key decision makers to ensure client voices are heard and
represented in public policy. With expertise developed working in the health-care sector Katie brings a unique lens to Enterprise, allowing her to help clients navigate the complex health-care industry in Canada.


“Finding solutions! The policy and political landscape is ever-changing in Ontario and Canada. Staying at the forefront of these changes and influencing policy motivates me. I enjoy bringing clients, governments, and other partners together to collaborate and work towards mutually beneficial outcomes.

My expertise in public policy and political experience allows me to think outside of the box and work to co-develop innovative policy solutions that work for governments and my clients.”


  • Former advisor to Ontario Cabinet Ministers including the Minister of Health and Long-Term
  • Extensive experience in the health-care sector working on various projects at the Ministry of
    Health and Long-Term Care
  • Strong political acuity developed working at Queen’s Park and on various campaigns political
  • Research experience developed working as a Research Fellow at an independent and non-
    partisan think-tank (the Centre for International Governance and Innovation)
  • Graduate of the Balsillie School of International Affairs – holding a Master’s Degree in
    International Public Policy
  • Dedicated volunteer and advocate for the Mental Health Sector