A Look Inside at guiding organizational change

Organizational Change: Managing the Emotions of Transition

“Unprecedented change” is a phrase heard a lot in 2020. No doubt there is much more to come, as we manage through continuous, evolving change with ever-shifting timelines and uncertain hopes for when we might all “get back to normal.”

No organization is untouched by COVID-19. At the very least, the pandemic has necessitated a transition to remote working and trying to find ways to carry on business as usual. Most organizations have seen a significant disruption to operating models and business strategies, that have resulted in – or may still result in – changes to their workforce – in size, structure or both.

Many of these changes aren’t short-term or temporary. “Normal” will be very different from how it used to look.

With so many of our colleagues grappling with an uncertain future, we’ve had many conversations about looming changes and how to manage them. These discussions all have some common themes: How to communicate with employees, customers and stakeholders about what is changing, how and why; coming to grips with impending layoffs; transitioning to a long-term model of remote working; moving to smaller physical office spaces; keeping employees engaged in workplace culture from afar; mentoring young team members in a virtual space; helping older employees adapt to digital platforms; and above all, managing anxieties and reassuring staff that the organization remains stable.

Our advice is, whatever transition or restructuring your organization faces, it will require deft communications, founded on empathy, transparency and consistency.

We’re here to help.

Our Services:

  • Executive Advice and Counsel: our team has advised senior politicians and top executives across the country.

  • Strategic Planning and Project Management: we help organizations maintain focus, setting out clear objectives and paths to reach them – tracking, measuring and adjusting along the way.

  • Writing: our communications team includes former journalists, political speechwriters and veterans of corporate and agency communications war rooms. We are storytellers and newscasters at our core.

  • Facilitation: we offer professional facilitation in-house, enabling workshops, seminars and two-way dialogue to be incorporated into strategic planning and execution.

  • Creative Services: the Hub at Enterprise, our in-house creative agency, includes designers, video producers, marketers and digital strategists that help build, shape and move conversation.

  • Government Relations: our team of government relations and public affairs consultants help organizations navigate the political landscape, access government resources and build important relationships with policy and decision makers at all levels.

  • Media Relations and Training: we offer a full range of proactive and reactive media relations support, as well as providing comprehensive interview and presentation training.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • We have deep experience and expertise in internal communications and employee engagement, including mergers and acquisitions, leadership transitions, layoffs, new brand and strategy direction, physical office / workplace transitions, and reputation management.

  • In our approach to communications, employee milestones are prioritized over operational milestones. Our focus is on ensuring employees stay informed and engaged throughout the transition process.

  • We counter fear of the unknown and inspire comfort with change through a campaign mindset, driven by clear and consistent communication, delivering a vision for the future and a steady cadence of open and honest information to employees.

  • We are well-versed in government, media and community relationships. We’re ready to support on all fronts when your internal change has external implications.

  • We are crisis and risk experts. Better still, we are adept at foreseeing and mitigating issues before they become crises.

  • Our signature Look Inside process is founded on the knowledge that decisions – and change – are emotional. We delve into the emotional drivers and barriers that motivate behavior, ensuring that transition strategies lead with empathy, recognize and shape internal culture, and overcome resistance to change.

  • We’re creative, crafting communications products that reach audiences across multiple mediums. Clear, concise text, compelling graphics and visuals, meaningful events (live and virtual) and video storytelling are all vital tools in our communications toolbox.

  • We are committed to long-term client relationships, supporting organizations before, during and after change. We believe this continuity is critical to success.

  • We follow our own advice, treating clients with the respect, empathy and humanity we advocate as the foundation of positive corporate culture, even – especially – in times of transition.

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