Enterprise President Jason Lietaer on Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Leadership Win

June 1, 2017

Enterprise President and Conservative strategist Jason Lietaer was featured in several news broadcasts and articles on Andrew Scheer’s recent Conservative leadership victory, providing his expertise on the win and what Mr. Scheer will have to do to resonate with voters leading up to the next federal election. View some of his coverage below.

Conservative Party set to elect a new leader | CTV’s Your Morning

Jason Lietaer joins CTV to discuss where things stand ahead of the Conservative leadership convention. Watch the video here.

What Andrew Scheer will need to do to resonate with voters, according to one Conservative strategist | BNN

Jason Lietaer discusses what new Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer needs to do ahead of the next federal election to win over more voters. Watch the video here.

Inside Andrew Scheer’s unlikely triumph | Maclean’s

Leitch’s sorties prompted “a bit of a fight for the soul of the party,” Jason Lietaer, a veteran Conservative strategist who was neutral in the leadership race, said later. “Kelly Leitch came out guns blazing with a proposal that many deemed pretty offensive.” Read more here.

5 things you need to know about Andrew Scheer, the surprise winner of the Conservative leadership | Chatelaine

Scheer also has the benefit of hindsight when trying to craft a winning plan for 2019, says Jason Lietaer: “This guy has the opportunity to take the lessons learned from the last campaign — the ideas weren’t all wrong; the tone was wrong — and apply that to the next campaign.” Read more here.

Conservative leadership race down to its final days | Toronto Star

Jason Lietaer said the new leader has a pretty good head start. “Usually when you take over a party it’s debt-ridden, it’s on the down slide, its prospects are weak, its support is weak,” said Lietaer, who has worked with Conservative governments in Queen’s Park and Ottawa. Read more here.

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