Enterprise experts available to help voters look inside the federal election

Experts at Enterprise are available to help voters look inside the federal election—analyzing what’s working and what’s not and who’s up and who’s down. Most experts can draw on significant media experience as well as decades of experience in senior political
and marketing roles. We know topics and guests change, often at the last minute, and will do our best to meet tight deadlines with little notice. Direct contact information is provided for each expert. Enterprise experts are available by phone or email
almost anytime, and physically in Edmonton and Toronto.


Jason Lietaer

One of Canada’s highest profile, most versatile pundits, Jason brings years of experience in senior roles in Conservative governments and campaign war rooms. He’s a regular commentator on television and radio and is enthusiastic on social media. Jason
is based in Toronto.

Dennis Matthews

Dennis is a political advertising, branding and marketing expert. His experience includes running advertising and marketing for Stephen Harper’s government and held a senior role in the 2015 Conservative campaign. He’s a frequent TV and radio commentator
and a columnist on political advertising and digital marketing trends.

Katie Heelis

Katie is Enterprise’s health practice lead and has an in-depth background in Liberal politics. Her expertise on healthcare policy and mental health is sought after by a number of Canada’s largest healthcare companies. Her past experience includes time
working for Ontario’s Minister of Health. She also managed a riding campaign for the Ontario Liberals in 2018.

(Bilingual English-French) Semhar Tekeste

Semhar worked in senior roles in several ministers’ offices in the Harper government, and was responsible for Harper’s Quebec events during the 2015 election.  Today, she’s one of Enterprise’s senior public affairs consultants dealing with provincial
issues in Ontario.

Jeff Blay

Jeff is creative director at Enterprise and a specialist in digital marketing and content creation, including advertising and social media for a number of mobilization and advocacy campaigns. He recently headed the digital efforts for a Toronto mayoral

Sarah Del Giallo

A former journalist in both the Toronto Star and National Post newsrooms and general political news fanatic, Sarah brings her perspective from working in the media to analyze how outlets are covering the campaign and candidates.

Jonathan Sampson

Jonathan brings a young Conservative perspective to politics. Before joining Enterprise as a senior consultant, he put his public policy skills to work on a range of priority files working for Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General.


Erika Barootes

Erika is the current president of the United Conservative Party of Alberta and played a key role in Jason Kenney’s recent campaign. Previous roles include managing communications in the Alberta premier’s office. She’s originally from Saskatchewan and
knows Western Canada’s DNA inside and out, including time at a leading ad agency in Edmonton.

Peter Csillag

Peter worked for Jason Kenney in three separate cabinet positions in Ottawa and in a senior role while Kenney was Alberta’s opposition leader. Originally from Alberta, Peter also worked for the BC Liberal caucus. He’s well-versed in issues management
to get through a crisis.

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