Dylan Kocsis

Public Affairs & Communications Coordinator



An expert in public administration, Dylan plays an integral role supporting our government relations team. He combines a thorough understanding of the political landscape, strong writing, and strategic thinking skills. His natural intuition and affinity for all things political make him a valuable asset in our work at Enterprise.


“Our world is changing faster than ever. With the spread of social media and the digital landscape, government now has access to a toolkit they didn’t possess a decade ago. At the same time, new technology has also caused massive disruption. The average voter now has unprecedented access to both government and businesses through these new lines of communication, and this comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. This ever-changing landscape is what motivates me most. It ensures every day at work is exciting, unique, and unlike the last.”


  • Graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master of Public Administration.
  • Inside experience with political campaigns at both Provincial and Federal levels of government.
  • Certificate in Web Development and Digital Marketing.
  • Experience in, and deep understanding of the Agricultural Industry.