COVID-19 Update for September 1, 2021 – Ontario to Require Proof of Vaccination September 22

Ontario to Require Proof of Vaccination September 22

In response to the Delta-variant driven fourth wave, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the province will be following Quebec, Manitoba, and British Columbia in implementing a temporary provincial vaccine policy. Proof of vaccination and photo ID, which will be required to enter certain non-essential indoor settings, will be issued by The Ministry of Health and Ontario Digital Services in two phases.

The first phase will begin September 22 for all Ontarians, except for children 11 years of age or younger and individuals with medical exemptions. As of this date, negative rapid antigen COVID-19 testing will no longer suffice for unvaccinated individuals, unless they are attending a wedding or funeral reception where individuals are expected to privately purchased tests 24 hours in advance of the event.

In the second phase, the province will rollout enhanced paper or PDF receipts with a QR code, alongside a secure downloadable iPhone or Android application by October 22, 2021. Medical exemptions will be incorporated into the app. Businesses requiring proof of vaccination via this passport will be able to access and use the software to implement their own policies.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the province is entrusting local public health units to use the existing COVaxON system to confirm students’ vaccination status.

You can read the full news release including the list of non-essential businesses required to implement the new system here.

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