COVID-19 Update for November 19 2020 – 2:00pm

During his daily media briefing today, Premier Doug Ford launched an education and enforcement blitz in advance of a warning of more stringent measures coming tomorrow.

Inspection Blitzes to Stem the Spread

The Premier announced that the Government of Ontario is launching a series of awareness, education and enforcement blitzes to ensure Ontario businesses are following public health measures. This includes more than 200 provincial offence officers from various ministries being deployed across communities in “yellow and orange” zones to ensure local businesses are following public health measures.

This campaign is based on health, safety, education and enforcement. The province hopes that these proactive visits will help communities avoid moving into the “red” zone.

Read the province’s media release here.

Tough Measures are Coming

In closing his statement, Ford confirmed the government will be announcing tougher public health restrictions tomorrow. He warned that these measures will be strict, especially in hotspots across the province.

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