COVID-19 Update for January 8 – 1:25PM

Today, the Federal government provided an update on the COVID-19 vaccine roll out and shipment timelines across Canada.

Canada to receive 6M doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines by March 31
General Fortin provided an update with Federal Ministers today to confirm that Canada will receive 6M vaccine doses by the end of the first quarter. Vaccine deliveries have been underway for several weeks and are expected to ramp up throughout the rest of the year.

With Moderna vaccines arriving every three weeks and Pfizer vaccines arriving on a weekly basis, Canada should receive 1.3M vaccines by the end of January and 1.9M vaccines by the end of February. These numbers represent an increase in expected vaccine shipments in February as the government continues to negotiate accelerated deliveries.

General Fortin also highlighted that the exact shipments in March have not been confirmed as they continue these negotiations.

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