COVID-19 Update for April 25, 2020 – 2:00pm

Praising “front-line heroes,” Premier Doug Ford today announced that, as of yesterday, all front-line workers will receive a temporary “pandemic premium” of $4 per hour on top of existing wages, for the next 16 weeks.

In addition, employees working over 100 hours per month are eligible for a lump sum payment of $250 per month for each of the next four months. This means that eligible employees working an average of 40 hours per week would receive $3,560 in additional compensation.

Workers eligible for this payment are those providing clinical and support services, including staff working in long-term care homes, mental health and addictions workers, retirement homes, emergency shelters, supportive housing, social services congregate care settings, corrections institutions and youth justice facilities, plus those providing home and community care. The premium benefits will also apply to staff providing cleaning and meal preparation as well as select hospital staff.

The pandemic pay will be effective from April 24 until August 13 and is expected to support over 350,000 frontline workers.

Eligible workplaces and workers for pandemic pay are listed here.

“During these dark days, the Ontario spirit continues to shine through with everyday acts of heroism, courage, and compassion by our front-line workers,” Ford said. “These people put themselves in harm’s way to care for our sick and vulnerable citizens. I am truly grateful, as are the people of Ontario, for their service, and it’s time we give something back to those who sacrifice so much day in and day out.”


Ford could barely contain his anger at demonstrators gathered outside Queen’s Park, protesting the COVID-19 restrictions. He called them “yahoos,” and accused them of “putting everyone in jeopardy.” However, he left it to law enforcement officials to determine whether any action would be taken against those violating the social-distancing rules.

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