It happens all the time. The sales presentation.  The keynote speech.  The Annual Conference.

The ability to deliver a great speech still matters.

Even as technology changes so much about how we communicate, there is still no substitute for being able to deliver a great speech.

Giving a great speech starts with writing a great speech. One written to be spoken. Written to be heard.  A speech that is clear, compelling and memorable.

There is an art form to writing a great speech that is different than any other form of communication.  That’s a specialized skill and its found in our dedicated speechwriting unit.

Look Inside

At Enterprise, our approach is built around a deeper understanding of motivations driving behaviour – yours and your audience’s. We go below the surface to discover the emotional and rational drivers at play in any situation.

We call this process “Look Inside” and it is at the heart of our business. We look inside the minds of your audiences, wether staff, customers, identifying the factors that influence their actions and crafting strategies that resonate in a way that drives these audiences to you.

A truly great speech is built around a shared understanding of the speaker and the audience along with a clear goal of the outcome that you seek to achieve.

Our Work


What Sets Us Apart

Our speechwriting unit has decades of experience writing speeches Prime Ministers and Premiers, cabinet ministers and party leaders.  We’ve written throne speeches, budget speeches and election speeches.

We have also written high-leverage speeches for CEOs and C-suite executives in sectors ranging from finance, to transportation to healthcare.  We’ve written speeches for earning and analyst calls, AGMsw, and keynote addresses global forums and industry conferences.

No matter your audience and intention, we are the team to help you deliver a to achieve your goals and navigating internal and external implications.


Our Team

David Tarrant

Vice President, National Strategic Communications & Atlantic Canada Lead

David has written speeches in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office, Premier Doug Ford’s office, Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm’s office along with major corporate speeches for the CEO, CRO, CFO and General Counsel of BMO Financial Group.

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Brian Fox


Brian has written for varied clients across many fields, including financial services and municipal affairs.

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Peter Downs

Senior Consultant, EnterpriseHealth

Peter has written for many Enterprise clients in health care on topics such as mental health and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Dave Sieger


Dave worked at Queen’s Park for the Liberals and has a wealth of experience writing for organizations and stakeholders.

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Peter Csillag

Director, Public Affairs and Campaigns

Peter has written speeches for United Conservative MLAs in Alberta, BC Liberal MLAs in British Columbia, and Conservative MPs in Ottawa.

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Our Services


  • Narrative & messaging
  • Story development
  • Editorial planning
  • Product placement
  • Content creation


  • Intelligence gathering
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Lobby days
  • Policy analysis
  • Contact plans


  • Video production
  • Website development, UX
  • Multimedia design
  • Branding
  • Copywriting


  • Identification & outreach
  • klear influencer software
  • Content planning
  • Contract negotiation
  • Advertising integration


  • Positioning & value proposition
  • Core narrative & key messaging
  • Visual identities
  • Audience mapping
  • Strategy execution

Digital Campaigns

  • Micro-targeting
  • Advocacy & mobilization
  • Email marketing & activation
  • Website development
  • Social media management


  • Message development
  • Interview techniques
  • On-camera simulation
  • Presentation training
  • Spokesperson 101

Issues & Crisis

  • Strategic counsel
  • Campaign war rooms
  • Monitoring & analysis
  • Crisis simulations
  • Digital & advertising


  • Planning & logistics
  • Marketing & media relations
  • Branding, design & video
  • Results tracking
  • Sponsorship


  • Paid social & digital display
  • TV & broadcast
  • Sponsored content
  • AccuMessage targeting
  • Out-of-home

Public & Stakeholder

  • Facilitated sessions
  • Public Information Centres
  • On-line consultation processes
  • In-depth interviews
  • Report writing


  • Internal communications
  • Employer brand
  • Corporate reputation
  • Executive profile
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

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