So, Conservative Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais has taken his pro-Senate ground game into the riding of NDP MP Charmaine Borg (Terrebonne-Blainville). Dagenais is on the attack because the young MP has dared to communicate to her constituents her party’s call for the abolition of the Senate.

“Whiny, ignorant and useless” were a few of the charmless adjectives the Senator chose in describing Borg because she had the audacity to challenge the entitled members of the Red Chamber. Of course, Borg has interpreted these attacks as misogynist, among other things. And given that Dagenais responds by using language like, “And I will be one of those … If they want a war of chambers, we’ll give them one.” I can see her point. Really Senator? War analogies? No need to call Central Casting for someone to play an old school politico. The role has been taken.

Look old male curmudgeons (a word aimed at me from time to time), just because a young female MP disagrees with you, does not mean she should be subjected to crotchety insults. How about accepting the fact that, as hard as it may be, Borg was elected as an MP and has a right to express her views. Even harder, for Dagenais types anyway, is to accept the fact that all Canadians (even young women) have the right to opinions without being bullied.

According to news reports, Dagenais has suggested that Borg get some books from the Parliamentary Library “to inform herself” prior to criticizing the Senate. Goodness, he has almost declared a Jihad on the young woman. My advice to the elder man-boy is to download some e-books on freedom of speech, respect and on teaching old dogs new tricks.

If the Senate is to survive, maybe its members should stop behaving in a fashion that begs for it to be abolished. By the way Senators, I am male and, errr, shall we say “mature” and I agree with the NDP on this policy. Now how about calling me whiny, ignorant and useless?

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