Barbara Fox helps launch YMCA GTA Sweat for Good campaign

Enterprise CEO Barbara Fox recently participated in the YMCA of Greater Toronto (GTA) largest exercise ball demonstration/class, helping break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title.

The record-breaking event was held on Jan. 11 to launch the organization’s “Sweat For Good” campaign, which Barbara is proudly supporting through her work on the YMCA GTA Board. Children, adults and fitness enthusiasts from across the city gathered to sweat the morning away in support of the campaign aimed at raising awareness about social issues.

“I’m honoured to be on the Board and a part of this campaign,” Fox says. “It’s an excellent cause and participating in a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD-breaking exercise class was a fun, fitting way to kick things off.”

According to the Sweat For Good webpage, sweat is universal; everyone can relate to it. No matter your gender, ethnicity, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, income level, size or shape, everybody’s sweat is the same. But when you break it at the Y, it means more: it’s for positive change, for belonging, for potential, for hope, for diversity, for dignity. When people sweat together, they Sweat For Good – for the strength, drive and commitment behind all the social good that makes the YMCA possible.

The above video compilation from the event showcases the many dedicated people who came out to help break the record and Sweat For Good. For more information on the campaign, visit

Dennis Matthews joins Enterprise

Enterprise is pleased to announce that Dennis Matthews has joined the firm as a Vice President, Marketing and Communications.

“Dennis brings a wealth of marketing, digital and communications experience to the firm from both the public and private sector. He has served as an advertising and marketing advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office, held a senior strategic communications role for a federal party leader and been involved in numerous election campaigns across the country. His private sector experience includes leading marketing and digital operations for a major media company in Toronto.”

“We are thrilled to have someone of Dennis’s calibre, experience and ability at Enterprise,” CEO Barbara Fox said. “He will bring invaluable insight in helping our public and private sector clients achieve their communications, marketing and public policy goals.

Dennis is a skilled marketer with a strong understanding of what it takes to effectively engage audiences and move opinion to generate measurable results.

“Digital strategies and tactics are critical in delivering successful communications and public affairs campaigns,” Enterprise President Jason Lietaer said. “Dennis has spent his entire career working and demonstrating excellence in this area. We’re thrilled to have him.”

Enterprise’s philosophy is to look inside, find the emotional barriers to effective communications and the drivers that will overcome them.

“We’re able to look inside because our consultants come from the inside, at senior levels in government, journalism, and public affairs. Dennis brings a unique senior insider’s perspective to help ensure our clients’ success,” Lietaer said.

Enterprise is a leading Canadian communications, public relations and government relations firm with offices in Toronto, St. Catharines and Ottawa.

Takeaways From A Career in Public Affairs: Barbara Fox

By: Barbara Fox

There is no greater honour than to be recognized by friends and colleagues in your profession. I experienced this when I accepted the Public Affairs Association of Canada’s (PAAC) Award of Distinction at its annual conference June 6.

The award means a great deal to me. I share it with all of my colleagues at Enterprise, past and present, and all of the people who have supported me over the years.

I’ve spent my entire career building bridges and connecting people. No matter how much the public affairs business has changed, relationships are at the heart of what we all do.

Our approach – whether in government relations, strategic communications, public relations or digital – is based on building bridges between the public, government, stakeholders and our clients. It takes solid relationships, hard work and a competitive edge to be successful.

It’s these types of lessons that have stayed with me and helped me get to where I am today. Here’s a few key takeaways I’ve learned that can be applied to anyone starting out in public affairs.

Plan ahead and try to take anything that might happen into account.

One of my greatest memories during my time in the Government of Ontario’s Office of Protocol is being responsible for Canada Day celebrations at Queen’s Park. In those days, we served hot dogs, soft drinks and cake. My first foray into media relations came when I made the decision to serve turkey hotdogs instead of beef hotdogs.

I wasn’t trying to force people to eat healthier – I did it as a cost-saving measure so we could serve more hotdogs to more people. I was amazed at the media controversy that my decision generated. It was my introduction to issues management and the Queen’s Park Press Gallery.

Situations are fluid and you have to respond and adapt.

I had the privilege of being involved in Nelson Mandela’s visit to Canada on his first international trip after being released from prison. His entourage brought many very large bags of dirty laundry to the Chateau Laurier with them on a Sunday night in Ottawa.

The Mandelas were to be officially welcomed to Canada the next morning and they had nothing to wear. This was ceremonial clothing and couldn’t just be dumped in the hotel laundry. We called dry cleaners across the city, with no luck. We tried every contact we had. Finally, we thought of the Prime Minister’s Office. They found us a friendly dry cleaner who agreed to open his business at midnight to get the job done. The Mandelas had fresh clothes for their official welcome to Canada.

You have to adjust to changing circumstances.

In my time at Enterprise over the past 23 years, I can’t think of a year or even a quarter where didn’t have to respond to a change or new trend. We have seen the traditional divides between government relations, strategic communications and public relations disappear.

We need bridges more than ever to bring these disciplines together. The exciting part is that we have so many more tools at our disposal. The challenge is using them effectively to reach and move audiences. We need to be willing to learn new tools and techniques that come along every day. You can’t sit still in this business, no matter how long you have been in it. You have to continue to learn. Enterprise today is a completely different firm than it was just five years ago. Five years from now, we will be completely different again.

You have to be able to tell a compelling story.

Our new brand and Look Inside philosophy reflect that. We look inside to identify the barriers that prevent our clients from achieving their goals. We find the emotional drivers that will help overcome them. We incorporate these into a compelling narrative that will resonate with the audiences we need to reach.

You have to be competitive.

We’re in a competitive, high-stakes business. We compete for every piece of business we get. You have to want to compete and win.

To me, that’s what makes what we do so interesting and fun. To anyone beginning a career in this profession – especially young women – be confident in your abilities. Work hard, do good work. You’ll stand out and success will come.

This is a great career. We get to work on issues that matter and that affect the day to day lives of Canadians. Transportation, infrastructure, energy, education, healthcare…whatever the big public policy issues of the day are, you’ll likely be involved in them in some way.

We do important work and have fun doing it. Not many people have the same opportunity.

Barbara Fox is CEO of Enterprise. Follow her on Twitter @barbarajkfox.

Enterprise CEO Barbara Fox To Receive Public Affairs Association of Canada’s Award of Distinction

Enterprise CEO Barbara Fox is being recognized for her longstanding contributions to public affairs in Canada and continued dedication to innovation in a changing landscape.

Fox will receive the Public Affairs Association of Canada’s (PAAC) Award of Distinction at its annual conference on June 6, joining an extensive list of prominent Canadian public affairs leaders, including former Enterprise Vice Chair John Weir, Elyse Allan, Steve Paikin, Greg Lyle, Robin Sears, Dick Pound, Angus Reid and Honourable Hugh D. Segal, C.M.

“It’s a privilege and honour to be selected by PAAC for this award,” Fox said. “I’m proud of what our firm has accomplished. It takes creative ideas and integrated solutions that challenge traditional models to succeed in today’s environment, and I’m pleased to be leading a team that’s embraced that so well.”

The award comes at a significant time of change in the industry and for the firm, which recently went through a rebrand and expanded its practice areas, adding new talent in digital, municipal affairs, Indigenous relations and content production to a growing team.

“Our new brand and Look Inside philosophy truly represents the work we do,” Fox said. “Our clients come to us with an issue or challenge, and they all have barriers preventing them from reaching their goals. We Look Inside to reveal those barriers and help them succeed.”

Since 2001, PAAC has presented the award to a member of the public affairs community who, over their career, has made a significant contribution to industry in Canada.

Award winners must have skills in managing complex issues, dealing with diverse constituents and stakeholders, maintaining professionalism during crisis situations, and demonstrating innovation, leadership and professional integrity in the public affairs field.

Fox has successfully led her team through massive changes in technology and approaches in its work for some of Canada’s largest organizations. As a result, Enterprise has emerged as a firm with a unique combination of experience, expertise and capabilities.

“Barb is fantastic. She is dynamic, smart and one of the most effective leaders in Canada,” said Jason Lietaer, President of Enterprise. “I’ve never seen anyone manage people or issues better, and I’m proud to call her a friend and a partner.”

Fox will make an acceptance speech during the Award of Distinction luncheon at the PAAC conference on June 6 at St. Andrew’s Club in Toronto. This year’s theme, The Art and Science of Public Affairs, coincides with Canada 150 and will provide an opportunity for public affairs professionals to reflect on how the field has evolved and what’s in store for the future.

For more information on the award and the conference, visit

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Enterprise Canada in the news

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Enterprise Canada in the news

​Enterprise Canada’s Jason Lietaer was a guest on last night’s CTV Power Play