Nathan Carr, Digital Communications Consultant

Nathan Carr

Consultant, Digital Media and Communications

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Nathan brings deep experience in web development, digital advertising, marketing, and data analysis to the Enterprise team. He has played a key role in successful federal public affairs campaigns, and secured tangible returns on investment in digital marketing campaigns for a wide range of Enterprise clients. His strength comes from his ability to apply emerging technology to solve complex communications problems in an ever-changing digital environment.


“They call it ‘hacking’ now, but it was just fun in the electronics shop with my father when I was growing up. I’ve always been driven by a deep need to understand how things work, and why.

Whether it’s unlocking a hidden audience in a data set, building an online tool to empower citizens, or finding the emotional lever to pull in a mobile ad, the adrenaline rush I get from making the hidden connection is why I show up to work at Enterprise every day.”


  • Deep political acuity developed as a riding association president, campaign manager, and Liberal Party of Canada organizer.
  • Digital marketing & advertising expertise developed in the automotive sector and on political campaigns.