Dennis Matthews

Vice President, Marketing and Communications



Dennis leads marketing, digital and communication files, drawing from a wealth of experience at the highest political offices in the country. Calm and confident in all crisis situations, his inside experience includes a senior role advising the Prime Minister, a senior communications role with a federal party leader and experience in multiple campaign war rooms. His marketing methods consistently help clients sell their own messages, move public opinion and execute winning strategies.


“I’m a marketer at heart and winning over an audience with the right research, strategy and execution is what it’s all about.  What drives me is staying ahead of the game to win. I’ve always believed in the power of simple, clear communications that cut through the noise. In a digital world, it’s more important than ever to be innovative and cutting-edge to reach your audience, inform them and ultimately persuade them to take the right action.”


  • Extensive experience on Parliament Hill, including a senior role in the Prime Minister’s Office
  • Directed advertising and marketing for a major national election campaign
  • Oversaw strategic communications for the Leader of the Opposition
  • A member of the executive management team, and marketing and digital lead, for a major media company in Toronto
  • Graduate of the Public Affairs and Policy Management Program (Specialization in Strategic Public Opinion Analysis) from Carleton University