Aroona Shahid

Administrative Assistant

 416-586-1474  647-863-7174


Aroona Shahid is a recent grad who provides a fresh perspective to Enterprise through her administrative and research support to Senior Management. She graduated with high distinction from the University of Toronto with a double major in Environmental Management and Geographic Information Systems. Through her attention to detail and organization abilities, she makes meaningful contributions to client projects. Her enthusiasm and willingness to assist others allow her to thrive in front-line service operations.


“It is curiosity that fuels my mind to seek answers.

Research is more than information gathering; it is a tool for building knowledge and making informed decisions. An evidence-based approach allows companies to innovate and promptly respond to market needs.

Research can shed light on existing issues and additionally allows for predictive insight. In a fast-paced environment, research can serve to solve problems and prepare for the future.

I recognize that research is a powerful mechanism for the development of institutions and enables them to stay relevant in a competitive market.”


  • Worked as a research assistant on a project related to municipal election barriers in the City of Mississauga.
  • Spent a year interning at the Canadian Environmental Law Association where she mapped pollution in the Great Lakes.
  • Was an active member of her university community as an academic mentor for incoming students and has received the Toronto Green Youth Award from Live Green Toronto.
  • Outside of work, Aroona enjoys travelling and learning through adventurous activities, such as skydiving and the CN tower edge walk.