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Canada | Government Relations, Digital, and Public Relations

It was 2006; I was a recent addition to the wee marketing team in the Burnaby offices of Weiser Lock, and I had received a cold call from one Stephen Murdoch from Enterprise Canada, based in exotic St. Catherines, Ontario. Stephen was keen to sell me on the virtues of an integrated and ongoing public relations campaign. He spoke rapidly, but clearly, to get out his message out; presumably before I hung up on him. He was likely surprised when I told him that just such an initiative had been weighing heavy on my mind, and that we should get together to see if there was the potential for a positive fit. I’m certain Stephen would tell you that the right message at the right time can make a world of difference in business.

Over the years, Stephen and I have been through a lot of changes together, both personal and professional, but from the start, we have worked closely together. Today our respective teams continue to work in that tight knit manner, almost daily in fact, to craft and disseminate messages that are timely, compelling and ultimately that speak to our brands attributes. We also endeavour to educate consumers in general, and our target market specifically, with carefully curated, and occasionally quirky material on style & design, safety and security, and home renovation. The result has been solid media exposure month after month and year after year.

In the corporate world, access to marketing dollars can fluctuate significantly throughout a fiscal year as a company’s performance dips or soars versus Wall Street’s expectations. On more than one occasion I have had to halt plans for an upcoming advertising campaign, based solely on these fluctuations. However, in good times and lean, the relative low cost and high value of good PR can continue to build brands unfettered by the volatility of the market. It may not have the break through impact of a compelling ad campaign, but consistently getting our brand names talked about in a positive light over an extended period of time has been of tremendous value to our brands.

It’s almost 2014 now, and I know that listening to cold calls doesn’t often make it up my priority list, and I think it’s safe to say that we keep Mr. Murdoch way too busy for him to be cold calling potential customers. And I’m good with that, so long as Enterprise Canada and Weiser keep cranking out the right message at the right time.

Mark Wallace
Senior Group Marketing Manager
Spectrum Brands | Hardware & Home Improvement

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